Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 PMF Job Fair Redux: How was it?

Well, how was it? Did you get an offer? I see on the PMF web site that 9 people have accepted offers so far, so congratulations! What other items of interest or concern did you encounter with the job fair?
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  1. It was... interesting. I interviewed with 5 to 7 ppl and if I'd been smarter, would have gotten there earlier and just signed up to interview with everyone. (I heard some ppl did 15+ interviews). I also felt I did myself a disservice by interviewing for a position I fell in love with first. I left that interview not really caring about any of the other positions and only wanting to work there.

    Now, I'm just sitting by the phone, praying I'll get a call from one of them.

    Overall though, it seemed like there are going to be plenty of positions to go around. SBA said that they're looking to hire 15-20 ppl even though they've never participated in PMF before.

  2. I'm wondering if anyone out there is still looking for work. And if we could get an open thread and/or advice on how long we should keep trying, what to do while we're looking, etc.

  3. @Still: I have been busy lately, so I haven't had a great deal of time time to devote to this blog. I like your suggestion though, so when I get a few minutes I will post a follow-up thread for people who are still looking. I personally know of people whose eligibility for PMF employment nearly lapsed before finding a position, so it runs the whole range.