Thursday, July 22, 2010


Rumors suggest a new PMF web site is in the works (about time). Any bets on what it will look like? What kind of functionality do you want to see on it?

[Update 8/12/2010 - Confirmation arrived in my inbox about the date of the new website launch. It is scheduled for September 15, 2010. It will also sport the new URL:]


  1. - Much easier searchability in PPS (i.e. submenus that populate automatically instead of clicking through multiple pages, not having that ridiculous 7 days as the only timeframe for searching by dates)
    - More information about rotations and organized better
    - Not such a horrible organization of pages and subpages and lists... and don't have things centered! Have them off to the left side!
    - Login for current PMFs so that we have a way to message each other. How else are we supposed to reach across departments without searching everyone's name in the dozens of directories individually?
    - More information about the PMF entrance exam including sample questions and scoring guidelines
    - Why is it separate from this page (, which is actually visually appealing?
    - Make the "Program News" front and center so we know when there are updates
    - Improved FAQs for beginning, during, and after the PMF process
    - Location with useful forms like the IDP
    - Testimonies/statements from previous PMFs about, for example, what their goals were and how their rotation fit in with that

    - Lots more!

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  3. Perhaps it will look something like the Video Contest website you linked to in your August 7th post. Although it's a small site with only a few pages, it has a much clearer visual display and markedly better organization - if we overhauled the old site in a similar manner, I could live with that.
    (Sorry about the removal above - I had to correct a spelling mistake!)