Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where is it?

I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering where the snazzy new website is. September 15 has come and gone, and there's no word of the new site, which I assumed was supposed to coincide with this year's PMF program announcement. Has anyone else heard anything?

[Update 9/27/2010 - The new PMF website is apparently stuck in legal review and will be available in time for the launch of this year's program, which is now reported to be 1 October. Eric Brown, the PMF Program Manager, posted a blog entry on the Disability blog hosted at Gov Delivery, outlining the application process for this year.]


  1. As of today 9/30, they've pushed the opening of the new website back again, for sometime in the "next several weeks." Fingers crossed!

    But the new application is up! Why do you think they changed the format for this year, and was the application always only open for just 2 weeks?

    - Kam -

  2. My experience is that legal offices can sometimes take a while to approve new websites. It's undoubtedly done pending some language review. As for the open time period, it's only two weeks. That's how it was last year and the year before, but I couldn't say for sure if that's how it's always been.