Wednesday, October 6, 2010

PMF Info on GovLoop

Effective immediately, I will begin crossposting the PMF Info blog on GovLoop.  

What this means for those of you who follow the blog is that there will be two places to engage in conversation, but it also creates an interesting privacy situation for you to navigate.  To the extent possible, I will preserve your anonymity on the PMF Info blog, but you may have no such guarantees on GovLoop unless you have taken steps yourself to ensure your privacy there.  

What this means for PMF Info is greater exposure to audiences that are already potentially interested in issues surrounding the PMF program, as well as a larger network of people that might be able and willing to help answer some of the questions I pose (especially around analyzing nominee and finalist data).  

Please feel free to engage in conversations wherever you feel most comfortable, and with any luck, together we can build a community around useful and timely information regarding this program.

I will be looking for ways in the near future to keep tabs on active conversations spanning both sites without sacrificing anyone's expectations of privacy, so stay tuned!  

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