Monday, December 20, 2010

2011 PMF Semifinalists

Word is that some of the nominees have begun receiving notifications of results indicating they made it to the semifinalist round. At the time of this posting, the list has not been provided, but given the volume of notices (both positive and negative), the notifications could take a while. Stay tuned.

Update 3:48 PM GMT via the PMF Program Office's Facebook page:

The PMF Program Office started sending the notice of results for all nominees in the PMF Class of 2011 on whether or not selected as semi-finalists on Monday, December 20, 2010. Due to large volume of notifications, it may take a couple days before they are delivered. Once the official list of semi-finalists is ready, a copy will be posted to the PMF website. Thank you!

So if you haven't heard anything yet, positive or negative, hang in there!

Update #2 7:38 PM GMT

The PMF Program Office has released the official list of 2011 PMF semifinalists. As usual, I will back this file up to analyze later. Anyway, congratulations to the 1530 nominees who made it through. The online assessment was the most selective of the hurdles, discarding about 80% of the nominees. The next steps will be far less selective, though potentially no less challenging. Take a breath and get ready for the next sprint.

For those that didn't make it, there's probably not much I can offer in the way of consolation. I realize the assessment seems arbitrary, and in a way it probably is. But there are other ways into federal service, so if you are passionate about serving, don't give up!

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  1. Congrats to everyone who made it to the next level!
    Does anyone know if the scores for the in-person assessment are compared with all semi-finalists or just for the people at the same interview site? I assume this is so for the group exercise, but what of the writing and individual presentations?

  2. How are they being notified? email? snail mail?

  3. I was notified in e-mail. See everybody on the west coast in SF! Would be nice if we had more than 2 weeks to know our actual assessment date so we could book travel...


  5. How many people made it to the semi-finals?

  6. For those of you with Vet Preference... First, thanks for your service. Do you gals and guys know whether it is applied to the in-person assessment? If so, how? Curious to learn how it might impact some of us.

  7. Congrats to all who have made it.

    I'm a bit surprised that, for all the American students who go abroad for graduate school, there are only approximately 30 semi-finalists nominated by foreign universities, 1/3 of whom come from London School of Economics.

    Some were really surprising given their large American student populations - only 2 each from Oxford, Cambridge, and Sciences Po. None from University of Toronto and only 1 from McGill.

    For those of us at foreign universities, I think we should spread the word. I've found out that there were a lot of American students in my university who would've wanted to apply had they known about the program.