Thursday, August 25, 2011

PMF 2012: Tentative Calendar

It's almost that time of year again, folks. A couple of days ago, the PMF Program Office announced its anticipated application schedule for the 2012 cycle. Under current regulation, students must be completing a graduate degree between September 1, 2011, and August 31, 2012, to be eligible to apply. (This means, of course, that we won't see the effects of the recent changes they've proposed until at least the 2013 application cycle). Anyway, the application period should open on September 15, 2011, and close on September 25, 2011, with all nominations completed by the schools by September 30, 2011.

Additionally, there is a new tentative calendar available outlining the 2012 process. It is much more compressed than in years passed, as you'll notice.

Thursday, September 15, 2011Application for the PMF Class of 2012 opens via a job opportunity announcement on USAJOBS; search for "Presidential Management Fellows"
Sunday, September 25, 2011Application for the PMF Class of 2012 closes
Friday, September 30, 2011
  • Deadline for Nomination Officials to fax nominations
  • Deadline for applicants to submit supporting documentation for any claims for Veterans' Preference.
October 1-10, 2011Invited applicants participate in on-line assessment process
By November 1, 2011
  • Applicants notified on eligibility and nomination status
  • Semi-finalists selected and notified
  • Semi-finalists scheduled and notified for in-person assessments
November 14 - December 16, 2011In-person assessments conducted for semi-finalists
January 24, 2012On or around this date, semi-finalists notified of Finalist status via email
Late-February/Early- March 2012PMF Class of 2012 Finalists Job Fair (Washington, DC, metro area)

This time around, finalist notifications are expected to go out in late January!

I'd be interested to see what you all think of this aggressive schedule. Also, it's worth pointing out that, given the possible new rules that could affect next year's application cycle, you may benefit from the ability to apply more than once. In fact, I can foresee a possibility that you could apply up to three times, given that the new rules would allow eligibility to be extended back two years for degree completion. So what I am saying is go for it this time, and if you don't make it through, try it again next year if you're still inclined.


  1. The September 15-25 application window is interesting. My school starts class that week, and I can foresee the career office having difficulties getting a thorough information session together to include a panel of current and former PMF's who will talk about their experiences. On the other hand, people in their 2nd or 3rd year of grad school will probably be familiar with PMF by then and should be ready to go.

  2. I think the speed is a marked improvement, but might be difficult with some school schedules. The in-person assessments will be right when most students are prepping for final papers, going on Thanksgiving break, and preparing for and taking final exams.

    A November 1-20 in-person assessment period would be more convenient for students, and the rest could be adjusted earlier. All graduate students in this economic environment should be prepared to submit job applications during the summer.

  3. Or, you could just not worry about it because THERE ARE NO JOBS. Please, check the PMF job listings (or lack thereof) before spending hundreds of your dollars and countless hours of your time.

  4. I think it's a good thing, and it will probably eliminate some of the less serious applicants, and this is only a good thing. I would guess the early date would reduce them by 5% to 10% from a normal timetable (but not necessarily less than last year). I consider myself to be "on top" of these things, and my career office hasn't said anything, I just happened to stop by the PMF site today and saw the changes.

    Oh the joys of a 1 year program :)

  5. Also, if you come from a school with a strong network, Aug 29, and you know how to network, it will probably be a lot easier. It looks like 1/3 or more of the PMFs were hired by State, as well, so having a strong network at DoS is even better I bet.

    Unless you get out there and contact people, knock on doors, etc., you're not going to get a job even if you won a fellowship that allegedly guarantees you one. Your ability to get a job is entirely up to you (and...well....your free time and proximity to DC, but that's another story)

  6. Hey PMFellow -

    Just wondering if you could start a blog post for current PMFs to discuss logistics/vent about current situations/share any cool tricks, etc. I've seen a couple of random posts about wanting to get ideas for training or help in determining rotations, and I know I'd love other current Fellows' input.


  7. I agree with 9/5/11 8:49AM! That would be great.

  8. PMF Fellow,

    What about political stuff on a federal resume that reveals party affiliation?

    Do we have essay questions that PMF applicants can prepare for?

    Crazy 3L

  9. @Crazy 3L: What, you mean like if you were knocking doors for the Tea Party or something during the midterm election? There's nothing wrong with having that information on your resume, per se, because career civil servants are supposed to transcend mere politics, and federal employers aren't supposed to use whatever knowledge of your party affiliation in their decision to hire you (or not). That said, it's like any other information that has been the subject of discrimination in the past: if it can be unlawfully treated, it's best not to have it on the resume in the first place. One counterpoint to that, though: plenty of people get involved in political campaigns for the experience and not because they necessarily believe in whatever that campaign stands for.

    I suspect you knew I was going to say this, but really, use your judgment. If you think having information that reveals party involvement on your resume will advantage or disadvantage you, remove it or gloss over it.

  10. I'm curious if you have any thoughts on why there are traditionally so few engineers who make it through as finalists. Is this because there are very few who apply in the first place or rather that engineers, for whatever reason, have a hard time making it though the tiered assessment process?

  11. As of Sept 14, 402 applicants had been placed. I hope every single finalist who has complained over the past year comes forward and apologizes to OPM. The number of PMFs is completely in line with other years. If you don't have a job, you have no one to blame but yourself, you entitled czars-in-training.

  12. Less than half (402/850) is "completely in line with other years"? I doubt it. Moreover, it looks like the class of 2011's placement window will be effectively cut short due to OPM's new timetable for the program. Sure, we have until March 31 to get hired, but what agency will hire a 2011 finalist in March over a 2012 finalist in January? None.

  13. Okay, another question. Thanks. The applications manager says: Qualifications as "not received". This means that once the fax is received by PMF, then this will be okay. Right? What I still do not understand is why the "Apply" button is still active? Cannot the system assume that you have already applied (by sending your resume)? Or, it will after the deadline tomorrow (9/25). Just checking.

  14. Any advice for the on-line assessment?

  15. 2012-So how did everyone do on the assessment?